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A Few Of The Interesting Personalities I Have Met As A Result Of
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(From top left clockwise: Donald Trump Jr.., Neyo, Rampage Jackson, Eduardo Saverin, Chippendale’s Vania,
Apl.De.Ap., Edoardo Mortara, Imelda Marcos, DJ Willy Monfret and other male models, Brandon Vera.)
Dear Friend
Today, I'm going to reveal to you something eyebrow-raising about the love and attraction (and all the pleasures they entail). And every secret I'm about to reveal to you today got something to do with...

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If you want to attract and keep the love of your life, your dream man, your soulmate... or just have more fun dating & selecting from more men, then this might be the most interesting letter you'll ever read.

Let Me Explain:

Many years ago, when I was a lot younger, I'd go to my secret place and dream of finding my soulmate.

Problem was, I could only dream about it.

I had no clue about dating.

I did not know how to get noticed.

No idea how to carry myself in front of the guy I fancied...

Right now, people pay me for my advice on "attraction, love and relationship", but back then, I did not know these concepts even existed...

And yes, I'm not joking when I said I was an ugly duckling.

This is me and the Love of my Life, Daryoush, enjoying the fruits of the
proactive steps I've taken to improve my romantic and love life.
As an amateur first-time "dater", I have made classic mistakes that almost everybody makes. I have written about these mistakes in more detail in my e-book called Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying.
Daryoush and I with some of our friends.

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To cut the long story short, I didn't start dating until I was 20, and when I did commit to whatever guy who paid me what resembled love and attention, I was dumped unceremoniously in about 5 dates.

Needless to say, It caused my self-esteem to plummet to unimaginable depths. After wallowing for what seemed like forever, I went out, I rebelled, and I did even more self-sabotaging things.

And when all of that came to pass without me having a better romantic life and life in general, that's when I started to take proactive steps in achieving a love life I truly desired.

On my e-book, I have explained in further details questions such as:

How Do Disempowering Beliefs About Men, Love And Relationships Turn Into Self-Fulfilling Prophecies And Often Lead To Self-Sabotage?

I have also answered on my ebook questions like:

How To Reframe These Beliefs To Empower You Instead?

You see, if I continued to subscribe to those ideas, I would have stayed single and unhappy and I wouldn't have had the great, satisfying and fulfilling romantic life that I have right now.

Now, you may be wondering,

Isn't It That There's Already Tons Of Relationship Books & Resources Out There?

Yep... There are tons and tons... and tons of them out there.

So I had to be different: I needed to "answer" to be easier to understand, implement, and bring in results.

I Didn't Want Something That Wouldn't Work If You've Already Been Hurt Before Or Just Starting Out.
And here's what I came up with.



Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying

An Ugly Duckling-Turned Player-Turned Devoted Lover Shares 7 Shocking Secrets on How to Upgrade Your Dating, Mancandy-hunting and Soulmate-catching. "How to Master Men, Relationships and Love... Even If You Knew Nothing About Them Before"

Whether you're young, old, smart, beautiful, average, or think you're unattractive, Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying will help you see things from fresh perspective, understand and learn to handle men, have more fun dates, and get you closer to finding and keeping the one!

I spent the next few years hanging out and really studying women who were experts with men and dating. And I saw things and learned things that I couldn't have imagined nor learned if I hadn't been proactively seeking romantic success.

After I learned these things, I created Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying ebook and the Love Mastery System.

I taught myself how to successfully attract any men that I met and it lead to amazing super power to date the most interesting and attractive men - actors, models, businessmen, pro athletes, politicians, attorneys, doctors whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

The things I learned taught me how to interact with men in a way that they responded to me in a favourable way.

...And that's what I'm about to teach you to do.

I'm going to show you the art of making men approach you thinking it was his idea.

I'm going to show you the best way to attract any man no matter how high-value and attractive he is or how many other girls are trying to get his attention.

I'm going to teach you how to have a competitive advantage in attracting men.

Now, You Can Take The Gamble In Love And Snatch Advantage, And Upper Hand In Your Relationship.

Here in your hands you hold the means of achieving your own romantic success.

But here's something I haven't seen done before:

What makes Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying unique is the fact that it is packed with scoops, secrets and personal experiences that serve as a really good foundation even to the most clueless females...

Here's What You Get Inside the 100 + Content Heavy

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  • Secret 1: Take Your Belief to the Salon
  • Secret 2: What makes a Woman Attractive
  • Secret 3: Choose Men Like You Would a Handbag
  • Secret 4: The Art of Making the First Move to Make Him Approach You Thinking it was His Idea
  • Secret 5: Numbers Game
  • Secret 6: If Attraction were a Mathematical Formula
  • Secret 7: How to Get Him Addicted to You


Have Fun with the Process, and Have Faith in the Outcome

Bonus Material:

Formula for Phrasing Your Request in a way that Appeals to his Male Mind. Trust me, he will like it!

More Bonus Materials

Regardless of your dating and relationship skills, this book will take you along a road of easy to understand and implement principles and techniques which encourage ever improving thinking and attitude.


" To be honest I don't read books about relationships 'cause I thought I'm already good in that. But I learned new tips from this book. This book Rocks!!!"

Diana Zandi

"I know Amanda personally... I've seen her work and use her charm with my own eyes and make top-level clubbers, DJs, businessmen, players, amateurs, boy next door types, models etc. and have them eating at the palm of her hands. The principles she reveals and discusses are real-world, practical and immediately applicable. She talks a lot of sense, because this book just doesn't understand men, she understands women too. "

Gruen Fello

This Manual Shows You, from A-Z, How to:

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Become a highly attractive, desirable and lovable woman that any man would want to have in his life.

Understand men, their needs, fears, motivation, etc., and communicate with them effectively.

Imagine being the woman that's able to attract any man you fancy... and know just the right words to say and the right things to do that ensure you will have more of a HOT (Honest, Open-hearted, Trusting) Relationship... no matter the challenge that's ahead.

So, we finally come to this question...

How Much Does This E-book (Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying) Cost?

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But first, how much does your love life cost to you?

What is the cost of years and years of trial and errors and doing the wrong things or hit-and-miss in your relationship and dating life?

What does it cost to you to be in a relationship with the wrong person for years and years and only to end up single when you are much older?

How much does it cost to be behind the bars of a prison called being committed to the wrong relationship?

How much does it cost you when you inadvertently hurt the feelings of the man you love and the right one for you just because nobody taught you how to effectively communicate with your man?

$ 127? Nope... Not even $ 97... or $ 87...

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I also understand that your time is valuable.

So instead of giving you a long-winding book, here's something that's easy to bite, digest and implement... and you can start taking action within the first day you take this book out for a little fun reading.

This book explains it all...

Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying Is Unique in Itself by Being a Product of Years of Playing the Field - Pleasures, Pains, - and Finally, a Successful and Fulfilling Love Life:

What this means is that whatever level you are in right now, you'll see the attraction principles that will up your success in your romantic life.

Use these easy to understand and implement tactics and watch as you see better results in your dating and love life - period.


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